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The Advantages of Quality 5083 Aluminium Plate in Automobile Industry

Aluminum alloy has the advantages of high specific strength, excellent corrosion resistance, easy forming and high recycling value, which is widely used in the automobile industry. In particular, energy, environment, safety and other reasons make the requirements for lightweight vehicles more and more urgent.

The use of lightweight materials is an important way to realize the lightweight of automobiles, and aluminum is a relatively mature lightweight material. In the past 10 years, the use of aluminum in cars in the composition of automobile materials have increased significantly.

The deformed aluminum alloys like the annealed aluminum sheet are mainly used in the manufacture of body frames, door trunks and body panels, bumpers, engine covers, wheel spokes, hub covers, wheel exterior covers, brake assembly guards, mufflers, anti-lock braking systems, heat compression parts, driving parts, engine cooling system heat dissipation devices, structural parts such as seats and compartment floors, and decorative parts such as instrument panels.

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The use of aluminum alloy to manufacture automobile body panels requires both a certain strength performance and good stamping performance, as well as good welding performance and corrosion resistance, which the complete precipitation hardening can occur during the post-paint bake-out period. Aluminum alloy is currently the most widely used new material for automobiles. Among the aluminum alloy series, the aluminum alloys used for body panels mainly include 2000 series (Al-Cu-Mg), 5000 series (Al-Mg) and 6000 series ( Al-Mg-Si).

At present, the body panels are mainly 5000 series and 6000 series. Due to the different requirements for the inner panel and outer panel of the automobile, the requirements for the inner panel material are mainly deep drawing formability and jointability (welding and connection), mainly using 5000 series aluminum alloys like 5083 aluminum plate. The outer panels require higher strength, so the current application of automotive outer panels is mainly based on heat-treatable and strengthened 6000 series aluminum alloys.

The main alloys of the automotive aluminum sheets at present are AA6016, AA6022, AA6111, AA6005, AA6009 and AA6010, AA5182, AA5754, AA5052, etc. For example, PlymouthProwler uses 6022 body panels, AudiA8 uses 6016 body panels, AcuraNSX uses 5052 as the inner panel and JaguarXJ220 and GMEV1 both use 5754 as the body panel.

From the perspective of comprehensive performance such as high speed, comfort, beauty, durability, lightweight, energy saving, environmental protection, and comprehensive cost reduction, aluminum alloy is undoubtedly the material of choice for the modernization and lightweight of the automotive industry. Haomei Aluminum provides quality 5083 aluminum plate and other alloy grades for you to choose from.

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