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Which Better: Steel or Aluminum Body Cars

The issue of steel body and all-aluminum body cars has always been concerned by the public. After all, the material of the body structure is the core guarantee for drivers and passengers. So from the perspective of technology and practical application, which one is better, the steel body or the all-aluminum body?

The main material of the steel body is steel, but the steel used in the body structure is divided into many types, including ordinary steel, high-strength steel, super-rigid steel, and hot-formed steel. Aluminum alloy materials are used in some special parts for combination, but compared to steel materials, the proportion of aluminum alloy materials is much lower.

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However, in addition to the hot-formed steel used in the cockpit, other parts of the steel body are basically made of other steel materials, such as doors, hoods, trunks, roofs, etc. Steel has a very fatal disadvantage for cars, that is, its own weight is relatively large, so the built cars are also relatively high in terms of vehicle weight. In order to solve this problem, automobile manufacturers have developed ABS aluminum.

Compared with steel, the biggest advantage of automotive body sheet is its light weight. There are very conclusive data showing that a 10% reduction in vehicle weight can increase fuel efficiency by about 6% to 8%. The application of aluminum in car body manufacturing can make a vehicle weight reduction of 20-30%, which means that 0.5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers can be saved.

For a car with a life cycle of up to 200,000 kilometers, this is a very impressive data. This advantage is also applicable to today's electric vehicles. Weight reduction is equivalent to making more power to serve the cruising range, allowing electric vehicles to run farther.

In terms of strength, the strength of aluminum alloy can reach more than 5-600Mpa, and the strength is second only to high-quality steel. Al alloy 6061 is often used for the car body. The main automobile aluminium is 5xxx and 6xxx aluminum. Pars of 2xxx and 7xxx aluminum is also used in the car manufacturing.

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