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5052 and 5083 Aluminum Sheet for Front Wing of Cars

Automotive aluminum sheets are mainly used for body panels, including four doors and two covers (front and rear doors, hood, trunk cover), roof, fenders, etc. The amount of aluminum sheets for one vehicle is about 40-50Kg, accounting for 20% of the aluminum alloy used in automobiles.

The fender of a car refers to the outer panel of the body that covers the wheels. It is named for its shape and position resembling a bird's wing. According to the installation position, it is divided into front wing and rear fender. It can be made of aluminum alloy like bending 5052 aluminum.

The fender of this material is of light weight and has sufficient rigidity and good anti-dent performance. When the car is running at high speed, the fender is not easy to vibrate and be damaged.

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It also can prevent the gravel and mud rolled up by the wheels from splashing to the bottom of the compartment. Therefore, the materials used are required to have weathering resistance and good formability.

At present, cold stamping is still the main process for mass forming of aluminum alloy body structural parts and covering parts. However, the mechanical properties of aluminum alloy plates are very different from traditional steel plates, which has caused technical difficulties in cold stamping of aluminum alloy automobile body panels with high resilience and low plasticity.

In the superplastic state, the high formability of aluminum alloy can avoid cracking of parts, and high temperature and low flow stress can eliminate springback deformation, so the above difficulties can be avoided by using superplastic forming technology, and complex shapes of aluminum alloy automobile body panels and parts can be formed.

Corresponding to the cold stamping process, the aluminum alloys used for automobile body panels mainly include Al-Cu-Mg, Al-Mg and Al-Mg-Si. The 6000 series has good plasticity, high strength and bake hardening, and has become the preferred body material of many automobile manufacturers. For example, 6016 aluminum alloy is used in Europe, and 6111 aluminum alloy is used in the United States. The 5000 series is mainly used for complex-shaped parts such as body inner panels.

Under high strain rate, the elongation of aluminum alloy increases with the increase of strain rate, so that the aluminum alloy bumper frame, reinforcement beam or side impact beam has good energy absorption characteristics in the event of a collision.5083 aluminum alloy sheets have got better superplastic properties by modifying the rolling process and fine-tuning the chemical composition.

The 5083 plate specially used for superplasticity has an equiaxed fine-grained structure, and its average grain size is on the order of 10 μm. The superplastic temperature range is 450-550°C; the elongation range is 10-4/s-10-2/s; the best strain rate sensitivity index m value is 0.4-0.5; the maximum elongation range is 300%-480%. Welcome to leave message below to inquire 5083 aluminum sheet price.

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