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What Is Aluminum Used for in Cars

Compared with other lightweight materials like high-strength steel, magnesium alloy and carbon fiber, aluminum alloy is slightly higher than that of high-strength steel, and much lower than that of magnesium alloy and carbon fiber materials.

The density of aluminum alloy is 2.8g/cm3, and the weight reduction rate is between 40% and 50%, which is only weaker than carbon fiber and magnesium alloy, and significantly stronger than high-strength steel.

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Aluminum alloy has the highest recycling rate, and its wide application can promote the development of the recycled aluminum industry, which meets the current urgent needs for energy conservation and emission reduction, and can also further reduce the cost of upstream raw materials. Based on the above advantages such as high specific strength, high weight reduction rate, and excellent anti-corrosion performance, the use of aluminum alloy is increasing year by year.

Deformed aluminum alloy is a kind of aluminum alloy and one of the light metal materials with great development potential. It is widely used in construction, machinery, electronics, packaging, automobiles, ships, rail transportation, aerospace and other fields. Among them, automobiles are the main application field of deformed aluminum alloys.

Deformed aluminum alloys are mainly used in the manufacturing of automobile body parts such as doors, fenders, trunk lids, outer covers, and engine hoods. 5754 aluminum alloy is used in the manufacturing of door linings. It has the advantages of high strength, good plasticity, high specific strength, good welding performance, strong temperature resistance, good corrosion resistance, and high fatigue resistance. 5754-h111 aluminum is one of its main tempers.

The 6000 series aluminum alloy is a heat-treatable strengthened alloy, with Mg and Si as its main alloy elements. It is usually used for automotive exterior panels that require high stiffness and strength. 6061 aluminum is one of the main 6000 aluminum alloys. Al6061 t6 is a common temper.

It can be seen from the stress-strain curves of the two types of aluminum alloys that 5754 aluminum alloy is only suitable for manufacturing inner panels of automobile bodies, while 6061 aluminum alloy is more suitable for outer covering parts in automobiles that require high surface quality.

The fracture mode of 6061 aluminum alloy is similar to that of 5754 aluminum alloy. They are both ductile fractures. However, the number of dimples in the fracture of 5754 aluminum alloy is larger, and the depth of the dimples is deeper than that of the 6061 aluminum alloy.

The metallographic structure shows that the grains of both 5754 aluminum alloy and 6061 aluminum alloy elongate after deep drawing fracture. A small amount of creep cracks appear between grains in 5754 aluminum alloy; while there are obvious cracks both within and between grains in 6061 aluminum alloy.

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