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Why Do We Use 6014 Automotive Aluminum Sheet

With the increase in automobile production and sales, the energy consumption and pollutant emissions generated during the production and use of automobiles are increasing. At the same time, the pollution to the environment is also becoming increasingly prominent.

In order to promote the sustainable development of the automobile industry, under the premise of ensuring the rigidity, strength, and safety performance of the automobile, the weight of the automobile is lightened by changing the material of the automobile structure and parts.

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It contributes a lot to improving the fuel efficiency of automobiles and reducing the emission of pollutants. Lightweight cars can not only save energy and reduce emissions, but also improve the stability and dynamics of the car during driving.

The use of lightweight materials such as high-strength steel, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, and composite materials in automobile manufacturing can effectively realize the lightweight of automobiles. In addition, advanced manufacturing processes such as hot forming, laser welding, hydraulic forming, etc. can also be used.

There are rich aluminum alloy used in cars such as 6014 aluminum sheet because of its low density, good corrosion resistance and easy processing. Aluminum is a light metal with good electrical and thermal conductivity, as well as good corrosion resistance.

At the same time, the machining performance of aluminum alloy is better than that of traditional metal materials. The recovery rate of aluminum during the entire use and recycling process is not less than 90%. Therefore, it is currently the most ideal material to realize the lightweight of automobiles.

The use of aluminum alloy parts in automobiles can effectively reduce the weight of the entire automobile, lower the center of gravity of the automobile, and truly realize the lightweight of the automobile.

After the weight of the car is lightened, the acceleration performance of the car will be improved in the driving of the car, and the car will be more stable and comfortable. Its noise and vibration will also be improved.

Cast aluminum alloy is the most widely used in the current automobile industry. The aluminum alloys are mainly used in automobile engines, chassis, wheels and other structures. The engine is the heart of the cars.

The application of car aluminum alloy to cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, pistons and other parts can not only effectively reduce the overall weight of the engine, but also dissipate the heat generated in the engine during driving in time.

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