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3003 And 6061 Aluminum Sheet for Transportation

3003 alloy has good formability and is mainly used in deep-stamping material. The use of 3003 aluminum alloy to make stamping parts, models, shells, etc. has many advantages such as good surface, good plasticity, and pressure resistance. The power battery shell made of 3003 aluminum alloy products is impact-resistant, not easy to break and leak, and can meet the requirements of the power battery shell for strength and rigidity.

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Traffic signs are made of reflective film on metal plates and the commonly used materials include aluminum plates, stainless steel, galvanized plates, etc. Relatively speaking, galvanized plates have poor rust resistance, stainless steel has high cost, and aluminum alloy plates meet the considerations of durability and economy, so general traffic signs are mainly made of aluminum plates, and commonly used grades are 3003 aluminum plates and 3004 aluminum plates, with thicknesses ranging from 1.0/1.2/1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0mm.

Aluminum tube busbar refers to seamless aluminum tube, which is extruded from pure aluminum or aluminum alloy and is hollow along its length. Common alloys for aluminum tubular busbars are 6063, 6061 and 6101. In the case of high strength and low conductivity, 6061 aluminum alloy busbar tube is used.

The commonly used alloy for chassis is 6061 aluminum plate. As an important component of automobiles, its quality affects the performance and safety of automobiles. 6061-O aluminum plate has good extrusion formability, and the hardness and strength of the finished product after quenching are high, which meets the requirements of lightweight and high strength of high-end wheel hubs.

The most commonly used aluminum sheet for automobile fenders is 6061 aluminum sheet. 6061 aluminum sheet has good mechanical properties, its density is only 1/3 of that of steel, and its machining performance is 4.5 times that of iron. 6061 aluminum alloy automobile fenders neither increase the weight of the vehicle nor damage the vehicle. The oxide film formed on the surface of 6061 aluminum sheet can prevent the fender from rusting.

How about 6061 t6 mechanical properties? After special treatment (T6), 6061 alloy reaches medium strength, which is higher than 5 series alloy. The moderate strength is very suitable for the automobile manufacturing industry. It can be used to make automobile fender, hood outer panel and car doors.

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